Pamela Buchunam


I currently work a library while freelancing as an artist. I am looking to work as a character designer and storyboard artist full time. When I'm not busy doing those things I'm finding new burgers to eat, re-re-watching films and cartoons, bothering my local comic shop, and playing video games that I'm scary bad at. Though my education was concentrated on traditional painting and art making I have skills and experience in gif animation, pre-production for animation, designing/illustrating in digital programs, and in creating storyboards.

I've worked with Autostraddle, TEXAS EQUAL ACCESS FUND, the Canadian feminist magazine: Shameless, and UNT's North Texas Review.  I'm self published in collaboration art books as well as other artist's zines. To receive more information, contact me for work, or just whisper weird secrets directly in my general direction email me at: